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Top Things To Do at Myrtle Beach’s Captain’s Quarters Resort

Many of the people who arrive at Captain’s Quarters for a Myrtle Beach vacation for the first time will have been travelling on the road for some time, and will be just glad to emerge from their vehicle and stretch their legs. But once the legs are stretched and the bags are in the room, what are the top things to do?

It’s going to depend a lot on the individual, so let’s examine the different alternatives that are available at Captain’s Quarters. 

Young children will probably make a beeline for the Shipwreck Lagoon Water Park. Captain's Quarters water park has all kinds of features that kids love, from a wrecked pirate ship complete with a bona fide pirate and water cannons to buckets that suddenly dump water, leaky barrels and mushroom waterfalls. Experience has shown that this is the first of the Vacation Myrtle Beach resort’s features that small children head for, and one that they love.

Older kids will without doubt head straight for level 6, for this is where they can expect to meet up with other kids of the same age group. Up on level 6 there are two venues where kids meet, the Arcade and the Bowling Center. The Arcade houses more than 2,000 square feet of video arcade games and is very popular with kids of all ages. The Bowling Center is also a great magnet for the younger set. It features 20 AMF bowling lanes with electronic scoring. Bowling rates are very reasonable and some Myrtle Beach vacation packages come with a free game each day.

If you’ve been behind the wheel for a while you’ll almost certainly want to unwind from the journey, and what better place than the Soggy Dollar Pool Bar. The bar, with its South Seas bamboo décor, serves refreshing iced drinks as well as light snacks, and is a convivial and friendly meeting place. If the kids are enjoying themselves in the Entertainment Center you can watch over them from the comfort of the Level 6 Bar, which serves your favorite drinks and a variety of snacks such as hot wings and chicken strips.

No matter what you do when you first arrive at Captain’s Quarters, without a doubt you’ll be glad you’re there.

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