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How Dining in Can Save You Money

Suite with a KitchenWhile many enjoy splurging on going out to eat during vacation, it can get expensive if you do it for every meal.

If you book a unit that has a kitchen in it, you can definitely save a lot of money by dining in once, twice, or more!

Check out these example comparisons of how you can save money by dining in during your vacation in Myrtle Beach for a family of four:

Lunch Dining Out:

  • Four sandwiches for $6 each

  • Make it a combo by adding chips and a soda for $3 each

  • Total of $36 plus tax for about $40

Lunch Dining In:

  • Two large loaves of French bread $3

  • Lunch meat $4

  • Cheese slices $3

  • Lettuce $2

  • Tomato $1

  • Mayo $2

  • Large bag of chips $4

  • 2-liter of soda $2

  • Total of $21

That’s a grand total of $19 in savings for lunch!

Dinner Dining Out:

  • Four pasta dinners with salad $10 each

  • Four soft drinks $2 each

  • Total of $48, plus tax and tip for a grand total of $63

Dinner Dining In:

  • Box of pasta $3

  • Jar of tomato sauce $3

  • Parmesan Cheese $3

  • Lettuce $4

  • Dressing $3

  • 2-liter of soda $2

  • Total of $18

That’s a grand total of $45 in savings for dinner!

By just eating in for two meals in one day, your family can save nearly $70! During the fall, that money could equate to an additional room night, tickets to a local show or attraction, or it can just be money in your pocket for your next vacation!

What meal money-saving tips do you have? Comment below!

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