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Wonderworks: Captain’s Quarters Nearby Attraction

Captain’s Quarters is located to be close to many of the best Myrtle Beach attractions, and one of those that is not to be missed is WonderWorks.

So when you feel that you are at a loose end during your Myrtle Beach vacation, take the kids with you on a trip to WonderWorks, located in the Broadway on the Beach complex. This attraction is described as being an ‘amusement park for the mind’ since it is a collection of more than 100 hands-on exhibits that have been designed to both stimulate the imagination and dust away those cobwebs that have gathered in the mind.

Here is a small cross-section of some of the experiences you can experience at WonderWorks:

  • Mind Ball uses the same technology as is used at West Point to train officer cadets. Players have a headband with electrodes and use their ‘brain waves’ to move a ball across a table – the player with the more relaxed mind is the winner.

  • WonderSimulators allows you to design a roller coaster and then to take a ride in it in a simulator, which can turn through 360° in every one of the three dimensions.

  • The Hurricane Shack will allow you to feel the effects of Hurricane force winds reaching 84 mph.

  • Xtreme 360 Bikes get you to pedal away as fast as you can to try to develop enough power to complete a loop over the top.

  • The Anti-Gravity Chamber gets you to change the direction that water is flowing. One minute it’s flowing from ceiling to floor, and the next it is magically changed in direction.

  • Space Zone gets you to explore a replica of a NASA space suit and of the Mercury capsule.

  • Far Out Illusion Gallery is where you get to enter a new dimension as the mind’s perception and your perspective are altered without you knowing, leaving you in a world of illusion.

  • Lazer-Tag – get to play laser tag in more than 10,000 square feet of action and arcade fun in the WonderWorks upper most floor. The innovative technology of Laser-tag will leave you with a unique and never to be forgotten experience.

These are just a few of the 100 or more hands on displays you can experience at WonderWorks. You are guaranteed to leave the exhibition with a mind that has been stimulated and probably a little overawed. Be sure to take along your VMB Card to qualify for a free Souvenir Mood Cup and Soft Drink.

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