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What to Order at Damon’s Grill

Damon’s Grill is a fantastic restaurant located just down the road from Captain’s Quarters. It offers up tasty menu items, as well as a fantastic view of the ocean. But if you are one of those folks who can stare at a menu for hours before finally deciding on an item only to wish you ordered something else a few minutes, then here are some sure-fire hits you can order at Damon’s Grill.

Yuengling Battered Fish and Chips- These beer battered pieces of flaky white fish are fried to perfection and served along golden fries and tangy tartar sauce.

Damon’s Prime Rib- If you like Prime Rib then you will not be sorry you ordered them from Damon's. This restaurant seasons this delicious cut of meat in their own blend of spices and then slow roasts it in a special oven to seal in the juices.

Damon’s Barbecue Ribs- This is the signature item on the menu for Damon’s. The high quality St. Louis style ribs are trimmed especially for the restaurant and then grilled over an open flame until perfectly tender. They’re served smothered in Damon’s signature barbeque sauce.

Southwest Chicken Chop Chop- For those looking for a lighter option at Damon’s this salad is filled with great items like grilled chicken, red peppers, corn salsa, crispy tortilla chips and a southwest ranch dressing.

And with the Myrtle Beach discounts card you got when you checked in to Captain's Quarters you can also try one of their great appetizers or dessert. You can choose from the Famous Onion Loaf, Artichoke Dip or Chocolate Chip Cookie sundae for your party to share.

It would be difficult to made a bad choice at Damon’s but you’re sure to have no order envy if you chose one of these items at Damon’s.

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