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Top WonderWorks Attractions

Have you checked out WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach before? They have a large variety of exhibits – enough to keep you and your family entertained for hours!

A great place to visit on a hot summer day or a cool winter evening, WonderWorks in Myrtle Beach is open year-round.

We’ve gathered a list of the top attractions within WonderWorks that you don’t want to miss during your next visit!

XD Theater: The XD Theater is a fairly new addition to WonderWorks, so if you haven’t visited in the past year or so, you probably haven’t seen it yet. This is one of the attractions that people line up to get into, so be prepared to wait a little while – but it’s worth it! Once you are inside you will be buckled into a large chair and put on a pair of 3D glasses. Then, a specially-designed movie will start and you will be taken on a journey through an imaginary world. You’ll feel like you are actually there because your seat will move and there will be sounds and sights that only come in an XD Theater! Be sure to put this on your list of must-see attractions at WonderWorks in Myrtle Beach!

WonderWorks XD Theater in Myrtle Beach, SC

Xtreme 360 Bikes: The Xtreme 360 Bikes are another WonderWorks attraction that often has a line, but is well worth the wait. For this attraction you must be at least 52 inches tall, weigh less than 250 pounds and be wearing closed-in shoes. At this exhibit you will sit on a giant bike that has the ability to go upside-down based on how you pedal. It’s very fun and challenging at the same time!

WonderWorks Xtreme 360 Bike in Myrtle Beach

Inversion Tunnel: If you get dizzy easily, you will probably want to avoid this one. But, if you don’t mind getting a little wobbly, this attraction is fun! How this works is that the wall is a tube that spins (it’s covered in an array of colored lines) while you stand on a small metal bridge in the center. Sounds easy? Not quite. Once you get inside the Inversion Tunnel your mind will get confused and you will feel like you are moving and the walls are staying still. It’s an optical illusion that you can experience first-hand!

WonderWorks Inversion Tunnel

Bubble Lab: Simple, yet fun, the Bubble Lab is a place where you can make giant bubbles – not little bubbles like you would make with a bottle of bubbles, but giant ones that are big enough to fit a person in them! This exhibit has different sized wands so that you can make a variety of bubbles. Even though this exhibit is meant for kids, adults can have fun in it too!

WonderWorks Bubble Lab

Spacewalk Challenge: The Spacewalk Challenge is one of the last exhibits you will encounter at WonderWorks. Located on the top floor, this ropes course features glow-in-the-dark elements and a variety of tasks to overcome. Be sure to leave your flip-flops at home because you’ll need closed-in shoes for this activity where you will make your way through a 36-foot tall course. Best part of all, this is included in your WonderWorks admission!

WonderWorks Ropes Course

While it was hard to narrow down this list to the top exhibits at WonderWorks, each and every exhibit is so different that your favorites may be far from this list!

Do you have a favorite WonderWorks exhibit? Let us know below!

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