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Tips for a Summer Myrtle Beach Vacation

Many of the best practices for a great Summer stay are synonymous with those for Spring, but here are a few additional tips worth remembering for your summer Myrtle Beach vacation.

Do be aware that the average air temperature during summer months hovers around the 90 degree mark, far hotter than Spring temperatures. You will not need warm clothes as night-time temperatures are unlikely to get that cold, but you do stand a far greater chance of dehydration, sunstroke or sunburn, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Always carry a bottle of water with a backup to hand, protect your head when you’re out in the sun, and wear sunscreen. Top up your water bottles at the hotel or one of the many water fountains scattered throughout the Strand.

The beach itself is always crowded in summertime, but if you intend to spend time basking in the sun and frolicking in the surf you should familiarize yourself with the Law of the Strand. These rules have been formulated over the years by the local municipalities for the benefit of all beach users, and most of them are sheer common sense. For those first time visitors to Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts, remember these five for the beach itself:

• No alcohol

• No glass

• No fires

• No fireworks

• No thongs

Life guard stations are placed at strategic spots along the beach, and you should always pay attention to any instructions given by lifeguards and to the flags.

These are a few tips designed to make your summer stay at Vacation Myrtle Beach hotels more enjoyable. Enjoy your stay!

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