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Staff Interview: Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox at Captain's Quarters HubIf you have ever called the Captain’s Quarters front office, either to book your room or while you were staying at the resort, there is a good chance that you have talked to Lisa Cox. Working the phones and taking reservations, while at the same time helping guests are just a few of the responsibilities Lisa has. We sat down with Lisa to learn a little bit more about her.

Captain’s Quarters: When did you start working at Captain’s Quarters?

Lisa Cox: I have worked at CQ since about 2001; I started with the company in July of 1999.

CQ: Your dad also works for Captain’s Quarters. What is it like working at the same place as your dad?

LC: It is kind of interesting most days. It gives us one more thing in common that we both really care about.

CQ: What’s your favorite part of your job?

LC: My favorite part is the guest service aspect. I love talking to different people, helping them plan their stay, fixing problems, and guests telling me how much they are enjoying their vacation.

CQ: What is the hardest part about your job?

LC: I love what I do so I don’t consider it hard. One of the toughest things about my job is when my Snowbirds leave in the spring.

CQ: You are starting out as the new “hub,” where you will follow up with guests to make sure any issues they encounter or special circumstances get resolved quickly and efficiently. How is this new position going to help with the overall guest experience? 

LC: It will be easier to follow up on things. All housekeeping and maintenance calls come to one place. We will be handling room changes and early arrivals from the hub as well. I hope it will help all of all staff operate more efficiently with everything being centralized.

CQ: Why do you think guests should choose to stay at Captain’s Quarters instead of any other hotel in Myrtle Beach?

LC: We have so much to offer families in our selection of indoor and outdoor water features. The kids’ activities in the summer are definitely a lot of fun. With all of the amenities, activities and food service you really don’t have to leave.

CQ: What is your favorite amenity at Captain’s Quarters?

LC: One really unique thing about CQ is Level 6. How often do you come across a resort with a bowling alley?

CQ: Where do you live?

LC: I actually live in Britton’s Neck, about an hour from here.

CQ: In all the years you have worked at Captain’s Quarters, what is the best memory that stands out to you?

LC: Getting to be part of all of charity work that we do is amazing.

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