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The innovative, educational and fascinating new exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium is definitely a Killer Exhibit.

Featuring dozens of the most shocking and deadly creatures of the sea along with a host of hands-on interactive displays, the exhibit will truly leave any visitor with a spine tingling and unique experience. 

“Lethal Weapons” takes visitors beyond the traditional jaws and maws survival story to discover some of the most lethal animals on earth, exploring their daily struggle for survival. The show, created specifically for Ripley’s Aquarium, is free with paid admission and will be on display throughout 2010.

“Our “Lethal Weapons” exhibit provides our guests with an opportunity to appreciate the deadly environment that surrounds marine life. Live animals, video and interactives, offer guests a view of the constant struggle between the peaceful population of the sea and the lethal animals who share the same waters,” said Peter MacIntyre, General Manager of Ripley’s Aquarium.

For millenniums the sea has evoked the serene harmony of nature, but beneath this placid exterior, there’s a war going on. The sea is a battlefield. To survive, every living creature is engaged in an ever-escalating arms race. The stakes are huge for each critter: life or death; survival or extinction. 

As the name Lethal Weapons implies, the exhibit is loaded with examples of those survivors. Everything from a Portuguese Man of War that stings everything it touches to a Crown of Thorns starfish, the most lethal coral predator on the planet, are on display.

During a walk through this amazing exposition of the unusual, a visitor will be able to:

•    Tangle with a golf ball sized warrior that packs enough poison to kill 26 humans!
•    Match skills with an insect assassin that shoots down tree-bound bugs!
•    Challenge a boxing shrimp that lands a punch with the force of a bullet!
•    Marvel at a lethal snail that catches and devours fish!
•    Experience an electric eel that generates a 500-volt jolt!

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