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New Location Serving Starbucks Coffee Is Now Open

Café Blue is now open at hotel BLUE. Located near the pool on the first floor, and open to Captain’s Quarters guests, Café BLUE proudly serves Starbucks coffees. Whether you like your java hot, cold or blended, Café Blue has the perfect drink for you and has been given two thumbs (or shall we say fins) up by Salty!

Here is an excerpt of our friendly shark Salty’s review:

Cafe Blue“I swam over to Café Blue with a few of my friends on Thursday. It’s convenient for me because it’s so close to the ocean and there aren’t any other places that serve Starbucks nearby! The lady at the counter (I think they are called baristas) was very nice. She asked if she could take my order but I couldn’t decide what I wanted! There were so many choices!

After thinking about it for a few minutes I narrowed down my choices to the Caramel Frappuccino and Mango Creamice Blended Beverage. I finally picked the Frappuccino because I wanted something nice and cold for a hot summer day and I love when I get whipped cream on top (but sometimes I get it all over my nose).

The barista knew exactly what she was doing. She put in a little bit of this, a splash of that, did something with a fancy machine, and walah, my perfect drink was made! She even taught me how to whip up some coffee drinks after she made mine!

I decided to hang out at the café for a while to drink my coffee with my friends. We sat at one of the very nice, round tables where we could watch tv on big flat screens. It was so cool and the coffee was so good!

Next time I go there I am definitely going to invite Sneaky and Tiki. Although I’m not sure birds can drink coffee….”

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