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Myrtle Beach Shell Hunting Tips

One of the highlights of a Myrtle Beach vacation can be one of the simplest things for a child or an adult to enjoy – hunting for seashells. Bringing home shells from your trip to Captain’s Quarters can help prolong the memories you had and tie you over until your next vacation with us. You can even get creative and display them or make crafts out of them!

Here are some tips for seashell hunting in Myrtle Beach:

1. Go out after high tide: As the tide begins to recede the ocean leaves shells behind on the shore. You can search online to find the Atlantic Ocean tide charts and see what time the high tide will be for each day of your visit in Myrtle Beach, as they will vary from day to day. Try to choose the time that occurs during daylight or if you decide to head out at night to search for shells, bring a flashlight and travel safely in a group. If you follow this shell hunting tip you will have more luck than if you don’t!

2. Bring a bag: We’ve all been there before. You’re on the beach and decide to start picking up shells and soon your hands or pockets are full. Be prepared and bring a bag along with you. Some beach stores sell bags that are meant for shell hunting that are made of a mesh material so the shells can be washed off either in the ocean or at a shower station by the beach. These bags can hold a lot of shells and won’t break with the weight of your findings. If you don’t have access to one of these bags you can always use a plastic bag with handles or even a laundry bag or garment washing bag. Just make sure your small shells won’t slip through any small holes. This is a great Myrtle Beach seashell hunting tip to follow!

3. Go out after a storm: If you are here during a storm, you will notice the waves get bigger and the ocean seems to churn a bit more. Following a storm a lot of unbroken shells can usually be found on the shore. This is a great time to look and you may find that you want to pick up all of the seashells you find!

4. Go to different areas: You will find different types of shells and even different colors if you vary where you look for shells on your Myrtle Beach vacation. One day you may want to look on the beach directly in front of Captain’s Quarters. Another day you may want to head up to a more secluded area on the north end of Myrtle Beach or go south to Garden City Beach. You may also be able to pick up a local beach shelling guide that shows you where certain shells can usually be found along the Grand Strand and that can help you identify your finds.

5. Use your shells: After you have washed off your shells and have returned home from your vacation, use your shells to make fun things! Check out Vacation Myrtle Beach's Beachy Crafts community board on Pinterest for ideas. You can do something as simple as buying a clear vase and filling it up with shells or something more complex such as creating jewelry with it. You never know where your Myrtle Beach seashells from your vacation will take you!

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