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Myrtle Beach Hotel Pool Games

Even though Captain’s Quarters has plenty of water features made for keeping kids entertained and cool, they might start looking for other ways to entertain themselves in the pool.

Here are some classic in the pool games that can be played, though you would be wise to remind your kids that the pool they use during their Myrtle Beach vacation is not a back yard pool and other guests should be respected and disturbed as little as possible.

Diving for Treasure

Toss a handful of coins into the pool and have a competition to see who recovers the most coins. This game can be enhanced by having one person act as a sea monster. If the sea monster tags another, that other person has to leave the pool for a certain length of time.

Marco Polo

A classic pool game where the person playing Marco closes their eyes and when Marco yells “Marco” everyone else has to yell “Polo.” Marco then tries to tag someone in the pool by listening to where they are. When Marco tags someone, they swap places and there is a new Marco.


A swimming pool version of tag, and similar to Marc, except with no blindfolding. The Shark (there can be more than one for larger groups) tries to tag others by swimming after them. If caught they must leave the pool.

Noodle Races

A water noodle is one of those cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam also sometimes known as a water log. You can decide how the noodle has to be used in the race. Freestyle means that they can use it in any way they want, or you can specify that it must be sat upon, or held between the legs or in the extended arms.

These are just a few of the pool games that you can try out at Captain’s Quarters and other Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts. Also remember that the resort itself often has pool side or water-filled games that kids can participate in like water baloon tosses, "splashtastic" pool games and more. Just check out the Captain's Quarters Events page to see what is coming up.

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