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Kinds of Rooms at Captain’s Quarters Resort

The type and size of accommodations one chooses in any hotel can make a big difference in the kind of vacation you’re planning. Choose too small or with not the right kind of view and you and your family will feel cramped and somewhat disappointed, choose too large or extravagant and you may wonder if you over paid. It all depends on one’s personal taste and pocket.

At Captain’s Quarters there are more than 30 different room plans to choose from that can suit a broad variety of tastes, and pockets.

The vast majority of this Myrtle Beach hotel’s rooms either overlooks or has a view of the Atlantic Ocean, clearly a benefit since there are few people who do not enjoy a view of the sea. Captain’s Quarters accommodations are styled as Suites, Rooms, Studios and Efficiencies, and then there are oceanfront, oceanview, poolside and interior types of each of those room kinds.

The kinds of efficiency rooms are generally the same but the positioning is slightly different.

  • Oceanfront Efficiencies all have a balcony that directly overlooks the ocean.

  • Oceanview Efficiencies all have a balcony from which the ocean may be seen.

  • Poolside Efficiencies all have a balcony that overlooks the pool deck, but not the ocean.

  • Interior Efficiencies all have a balcony, but overlook neither the ocean nor the pool deck.

The benefits of specific rooms, in the long run, all boil down to being a matter of taste. What may be a benefit for one individual may be disadvantageous to another. Captain’s Quarters’ suites differ in their room layouts, but all have a bathroom and kitchen.

  • Oceanfront King Suite has a king bed in the bedroom and has a double Murphy wall bed and double sleeper sofa in the living room.

  • Angle Oceanfront Suite has a living room with a king bed and double sleeper sofa, and has a separate bedroom with double bed.

  • Ocean View Double Suite has two queen beds in the bedroom and a double Murphy wall bed in the living room.

  • Oceanfront Double Suite has two double beds in the bedroom and a double Murphy wall bed in the living room.

All suites have balconies and the kitchens are fully out fitted.

You can see all the details on the kinds of rooms at Captain's Quarters, including the Rooms and Studios which we didn't outline here, on the Captain's Quarters Rooms page.

When taking a Myrtle Beach vacation at Captain’s Quarters you should carefully peruse the various accommodations before making your booking. Only by doing so will you be able to fully understand the benefits of each room can offer to your vacation plan!

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