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Captain’s Quarters: Memories from a Guest

Captain’s Quarters Resort is a place that many people come to year after year with their families. They make it a tradition and it becomes an annual vacation that the entire family looks forward to each year.

One guest in particular has made Captain’s Quarters Resort a tradition as an adult, because the tradition of staying here was started when she was young. Now, as an adult, she returns to the resort on a regular basis with her friends.

Heather Elizabeth Cantrell hails from the village of Beaver, Ohio. She now lives in Portsmouth, Ohio where she lives with her cat, Allie and dog, Oatmeal, and works as a mental health counselor at Shawnee State University.

We spoke with Heather to learn more about what she enjoyed about Captain’s Quarters when she was a child and what she enjoys about it now.

Captain’s Quarters: How old were you when you first stayed at Captain’s Quarters?

Heather Elizabeth Cantrell: The first time I stayed at Captain's Quarters I was 8 years old...this was also the first time I had seen the ocean.  

CQ: Do you remember your first impression of the resort when you were a child?

HEC: I can remember sand in the elevator and thinking that was awesome. We always stayed in Ocean Front rooms and I thought it was so cool to have a balcony and a room with a kitchen area. Hey, I was 8...everything was impressive!

CQ: How often did you stay as a child?

HEC: From the age of 8 till college, we would typically go twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

CQ: Who did you come with when you were a child?

HEC: It would vary. Sometimes just my parents and younger brother and other times my grandmother would join us. In my teen years I would sometimes bring a friend and my grandmother and her sister would go with us. We would get adjoining rooms and that was always fun!

CQ: What is your favorite memory from Captain’s Quarters as a child?

HEC: I don't know if I have a favorite memory? For me, Captain's Quarters reminds me of wonderful family memories with everyone having a great time, playing in the water and taking walks on the beach where my mom and I would write our names in the sand in front of the resort and look for shells early in the morning.

CQ: What was your favorite thing about Captain’s Quarters as a child?

HEC: The lazy river was always my favorite! My brother and I would grab an inner tube and float around, bumping into other kids (and the wall) for what seemed like hours! The outdoor water things weren't there yet (pirate ship & others) and so we would split our time between the lazy river and the bowling on the 6th level. Fun, Fun, Fun!

CQ: Now that you are grown up, why do you choose to keep coming back to the resort?

HEC: Well, now it's just what I do when I go to Myrtle Beach...I've never really considered any other place. Its location is perfect for various activities and if I don't want to leave the resort I don't have to.

CQ: As an adult, what is your favorite thing about Captain’s Quarters?

HEQ: I enjoy the dining options and I still love that lazy river!

CQ: How many times have you visited as an adult?

HEQ: Not as much as I want! Haha, somehow work gets in the way - and I end up visiting every other year or so.

CQ: Is there a certain time of year you usually come?

HEQ: Usually I go toward the end of summer, the beginning of fall.

CQ: What is your favorite memory as an adult staying at Captain’s Quarters?

HEQ: My favorite memory as an adult would be eating breakfast on the top floor...overlooking the ocean.  

CQ: What are your favorite improvements at the resort that may not have been around when you were a child?

HEQ: Soggy Dollar is probably my favorite. But there has been just so much added since I was child - all of it great!

CQ: Anything else you want to mention, or any stories you want to tell that we may have missed?

HEQ: Our family loved the old pavilion and loved staying at Captain's Quarters - we would walk to the pavilion and spend the whole day, then we would head back to the resort to float around the lazy river until dinner. After we would eat, my brother and I would be right back in the lazy river, or go bowling. Also, when I was in the fifth grade we went for Columbus Day weekend, I ended up with Chicken Pox. My entire vacation was spent inside the hotel bed.  I can remember the staff being so nice to me and trying to make me laugh.

Do you have stories about Captain’s Quarters that you would like to share with us? Leave your comments below!

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