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Bowling at Captain’s Quarters Resort

If you’ve decided to do a spot of ten pin bowling at the Captain’s Quarters’ level six bowling alley during your Myrtle Beach vacation, there are a number of unwritten rules that you should know about, especially if this is to be your first ever bowling session. Bowling has a number of Do’s and Don’ts that should be adhered to in order for everyone to enjoy the game. These are mostly common sense, and the most important ones are listed here.

  • If a bowler in one of the lanes adjacent to yours is ready to bowl before you, give that bowler the right of way, and allow them to complete their follow through before you attempt to bowl. This can turn in to a game of “you go” “no, you go” but much light at a stop sign, the person who got there first should go ahead and go first.

  • Always wear the correct bowling shoes when bowling. If you do not have a pair of your own, you can rent them from the booth in the bowling alley. Using shoes that are not designed for bowling can leave marks on the approach, cause an annoying squeak as you approach and can cause you to lose your balance.

  • Don’t talk to people when they taking a shot, and don’t try to start up a conversation between the first and second balls of a frame. Only when a bowler has finished his frame should you pick up a conversation where you left off. Friendly chitchat is an accepted part of the sport, but don’t overdo it.

  • Don’t cross the foul line into the lane itself – the surface is kept oiled and this can be dangerous if carried over onto the approach. As soon as your ball has hit the pins (or missed them) start returning to your seat so you don’t delay the next player too much.

  • Also, do not take practice swings when in the concourse area. Not only is this distracting to those bowling, you can hurt someone. Do not bring food or drink onto the approach (the area by the ball machine). You could spill something and someone could slip and hurt themselves. Also it is almost a guaranteed way to bowl badly since your hands will be moist with food or drink condensation.

These are the main points of bowling etiquette to bear in mind when you decide to go bowling at Captain’s Quarters. But remember, this is a family friendly hotel so try not to be over hard on youngsters who may be playing for the first time and don’t know all these rules.

Enjoy your game!

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