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Best Myrtle Beach Miniature Golf Courses Near Captain’s Quarters

There’s a reason you see miniature golf courses all around Myrtle Beach—it is a fantastic family-friendly vacation activity for all ages.

But how do you pick the best course to take your family to?

Thankfully there are a number of great mini-golf courses located right near Captain’s Quarters Resort.

Captain Hooks Adventure Golf

Based on the classic fantasy world of Never-Never Land, this mini golf oasis has two 18 hole courses for you to choose from, Hooks or Lost Boys. In one of the courses you get to walk through a smoking 15 foot skull and both feature pirates, crocodiles and secret caverns. This course is located near North Kings Highway and 22nd Avenue North, right near the 21st Avenue Fuddruckers.


Jurassic Golf

Designed to bring back to life the fossilized relics of the past (at least in your imagination) the two 18 hole courses are based around prehistoric themes. Ice Age it set among lots of fog and water that players have to maneuver through. Predator has lots of hills and tricky lies thanks to the mountainous setting. Only a short drive from Captain’s Quarters, this course is right near the Market Common on South Kings Highway and 29th Avenue South.


Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf

A classic shipwreck and nautical themed course, that starts off at an island marina. Players can choose from the Skipper or Captain courses maneuvering through the waterfalls, fish, whales and more. Located only a couple blocks away from the Jurassic course, this course is right near the turn from South Kings Highway into South Ocean Boulevard.


And since all three of these courses are VMB partners, if you bring along the VMB Myrtle Beach discounts card you got when you checked in to Captain’s Quarters you can get $1 off per person for each round, or $3 off an all day pass so long as you go before 6 p.m.

So if you’re looking for an activity the whole family can participate in, give these mini golf courses a try!

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