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An Interview with the Friendly Shark Salty

Salty is a well-known shark who makes his way around to a few of the resorts in town including Captain’s Quarters. We sat down with Salty recently to learn more about him and to find out what he likes best about his job.

Captain’s Quarters: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Salty, we know you are a very busy shark. Tell us, how did you get started coming to Captain’s Quarters?

Salty the Shark: Thanks for having me, Captain’s Quarters. I started coming to Captain’s Quarters a a couple of years ago. I thought it would be fun for the kids at the resort to have a nice shark to meet and to get their picture taken with down by the pool.

CQ: The kids do love meeting you Salty. What’s your favorite part about coming to Captain’s Quarters?

SS: I love meeting all the kids and their parents too! Everyone is always so nice and friendly. I also like posing for pictures with them. Afterwards I go home and upload all the pictures to the Captain’s Quarters website and I also keep up with my fans on my Facebook page.

CQ: Sharks are allowed on Facebook?

SS: Well, I’m not sure if any other sharks are, but my friend Tiki Bird is on Facebook so there are other animals on there!

CQ: We love Tiki Bird! We should interview him next. So, what’s your favorite kind of food?

SS: I like all sorts of food! I do like fish. I also really like the burgers at Loco Gecko. That’s my new favorite restaurant!

CQ: Now that summer is winding down are you going to keep coming to Captain’s Quarters?

SS: Yes! I am still going to be coming to Captain’s Quarters this fall. Once I know my schedule I will be sure to post it so all the guests know when they can meet me. I love meeting new people!

CQ: Other than your plans to come to Captain’s Quarters in the fall, what else do you plan to do after summer is over?

SS: I think I will do a lot of swimming, because I love to swim! And the water is still pretty warm then. I’m also going to make plans for next summer!

You can follow Salty on his Facebook page or check out his Captain's Quarters pictures here.

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