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18 Reasons To Take Your Kids To Captain’s Quarters Resort, Myrtle Beach

Do you need a reason to take a vacation? Check out our 18 reasons why, and start planning your family-friendly getaway today!

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1. 18 years will be here before they know it.

2. It will give them something to look forward to.

3. How often do you really get to spend time with your kids?

4. Pretty soon they will be too cool to hang out with you, so bring them on vacation now!

5. To make lasting memories.

6. To see the look on their face when you arrive.

7. They will remember the Shipwreck Lagoon more than that pirate movie.

8. Because you need a vacation too!

9. To hear them laugh.

10. Encourage them to use their imagination instead of technology.

11. To get that perfect family picture.

12. They can meet a real pirate and hug a shark and live to tell about it.

13. Give your kids something to share with their friends.

14. Too see them smile.

15. Time to relax and be lazy (in the lazy river).

16. Expanding their horizons and allow them to experience new things.

17. Hearing them say this is the best day of my life.

18. Because your kids will thank you. If not now, when they are older.


18 years will be here before you know it. Join the thousands who have made lasting memories by booking your Captain’s Quarters Myrtle Beach vacation today!  


Captain's Quarters Resort Family Picture Collage

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