Housekeeping Week at Captain’s Quarters Resort

Housekeeping Week at Captain’s Quarters Resort

By Captain's Quarters

Here at Captain’s Quarters Resort, we appreciate our housekeepers all year long for all of the hard work and dedication they show each and every day.

This past week we were able to dedicate an entire week for them through International Housekeeping Week.

Here is a roundup of the activities and events we hosted for our housekeepers at Captain’s Quarters Resort :

Monday, September 9: To start the week out, we had coffee and donuts for the housekeeping department, sang a few songs and overall had a great time.
We also decorated a housekeeping cart with balloons, candy and signs.

Tuesday, September 10: On the second day of the week we made some minor changes to one of our rooms and hosted a contest for our housekeepers.
We had a timed contest to see how many issues were detected by each housekeeper and gave out a prize to the housekeeper that found that most things wrong.
Housekeeper Marlene won this contest.

Wednesday, September 11: Midway through the week we had a pizza lunch for our housekeeping office.

Thursday, September 12: On Thursday we gave out a best performance reward to the housekeeper with the most positive mentions by guests, which was Marlene. She received a $20 prize for working so hard.

Friday, September 13: On the last day of the week we had a Housekeeper Luncheon.
We enjoyed a potluck lunch with items like fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, cake and the infamous banana pudding made by Margaret. Awards were given out to the best housekeeper: Nancy, best houseman: Patrick, and an award was given to Alvaro through a surprise drawing.

We had a great week celebrating our housekeepers!

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